Monday, December 12, 2011

After the concert - Hot Pursuit!

Jason drove us to the concert in their car, and when we got home he parked in their driveway. I came across the street. I knew there was a man and a boy slightly behind me and to the left. When I got to my yard I was feeling in my purse for my keys when I heard a crashing sound down on Sixth Avenue. I paused there at the side of the house and looked down Bream Street to see what was going on. Then I saw a speeding car with no lights on coming up the wrong way on Bream Street (which is a one-way street) and the flashing lights of a police car in hot pursuit. They were headed for Seventh Avenue! I screamed for the man and boy to get out of the street because there were also two cars coming up Seventh and they were all aimed for the corner of our yard! The man threw the boy in our yard and jumped on top of him. The two cars on Seventh held back (thank heavens) and the speeding car turned the corner and headed on up Seventh. The police car had hung back a bit, probably expecting a crash. I knew I was safe but I worried about the man and boy. They were ok, but just as shaken up as I was. I am still shaking like a leaf as I sit here typing this. It's a good thing we haven't replaced our fence yet because they would have been right up against it.

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