Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve at the Harmon's

Here is a picture of Damien with his radio-controlled car and Audrey holding her box-link chain with Jason wearing his WVU cap. We took plenty of pictures so I will put them on here when I can. Adam wasn't feeling well - I hope he doesn't have the flu. Damien had a potty accident soon after he got here. I don't know why but it seems there is always something out of sorts at Christmas. When the kids were little usually at least one of them was sick each year. I guess that is continuing on. Yesterday I baked Snickerdoodles and brownies so we had lots of snacks to eat tonight. Tomorrow I am cooking a ham (first time) and I will fix mashed potatoes and other veggies. Baking a cake (mix) in the morning. I am trying to take it easy for Christmas dinner, not doing much from scratch. Fortunately, box mixes and canned food tastes pretty good now and I doctor these things up. There are usually five or six of us for Christmas dinner now. When I was little there would be thirty or more at dinner. My family has dwindled down the past few years.

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