Sunday, December 25, 2011

More Christmas Eve Pictures

Here is a picture of Damien with one of his gifts from Richard and me - a K'nex set. I wanted to get it because it is made in America. I also show Damien with his Rallystomper. This is a radio-controlled car that he really didn't have any interest in. We had gotten him a Paper Mario game for the Wii and that is what he liked. He prefers video games to all the other toys. I am not sure whether to encourage this. My kids grew up with video games but they like other things too. Then I show Richard with his car emergency kit he got from Audrey and Jason. They got me a watch and Richard got me a necklace shaped like a butterfly. As long as I have my family and my cats I am a happy person. We shared a really nice Christmas but I am glad it is over! Now life can get back to normal. (I wish these pictures would be on here in the order that I load them!)

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