Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Orca Bay Mystery Quilt - Part 3

I finally finished my Orca Bay mystery quilt part three - which was posted last Friday morning. It has taken five days of hard work to get these 350 half-square triangles done. I did about 250 of them using my easy-angle ruler the hard way. Then someone posted online about a web site that had downloads you could print out and place the paper on fabric and sew a bunch of them at once. Here is a link to that site: http://www.quiltingandwhatnot.ca/Half-Square-Triangle.html It really helped to get the last hundred done. The other picture shows all the parts in the box I am keeping them in until they get too big for it. Sorry it is sideways, I couldn't figure out how to turn it around. At the top of the picture are all the half-square triangles, then the gold string blocks of part 2, and the bottom shows the quarter-square triangles. I love doing Bonnie Hunter's mysteries - but she sure likes to use very small pieces! I haven't used the blues yet, the other main color in this quilt. Maybe part 4 will use them. I have had blues and greens in mind for a quilt for quite a while now. I love adding the yellows (golds) to them. My blues will be darker than the greens, but not all the way to navy. I have a lot of different pieces and I know it will be gorgeous.

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