Sunday, December 18, 2011

Part 5 done

Today I finished Part 5 of the Orca Bay mystery quilt. I was to add a green triangle to two sides of the 350 half-square triangle blocks made in a previous step. This turns them into corner pieces. I put one out in front of all the others so you could see how they are made. These are small pieces. I am keeping all the parts of the quilt in a plastic box maybe a little larger than a shoe box, and that box is full. If the next part is adding more pieces I will have to find a larger box to keep them in. I love my blues, greens and golds together, and I hope the next step will be putting some of them together. I doubt it though - these pieces don't seem to fit together into a block. I'll bet we will be adding more blue because it is one of the dominant colors in the quilt and we really haven't done much with them yet. I have barely touched the fabrics I pulled for this quilt - most of it so far has come out of my scrap bins. I have cut into the greens quite a bit but very little blues.

I am sitting here in a fleece nightgown and I have my little heater here beside me going full blast. This winter is already freezing me and it has barely begun. I know that Christmas is still a week away but I wish it were the first of APRIL! There is very little warmth at JoAnn Fabrics where I work because (the manager says) four air handlers aren't working. I wore my Cuddle Duds (long underwear) on Friday and I am wearing it again tomorrow. I think I will put my little heater in the car and then I can huddle in front of it if I get too cold. I don't think there has been much heat in there yet this winter.

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