Sunday, March 18, 2012

Orca Bay finished to flimsy

I just finished putting the pieced border on my Orca Bay. I loved how it all went together. The borders fit the quilt perfectly. I also love my colors. The green and blue are exactly what I wanted and the yellow just pops! I need to find another name for this quilt because Orca Bay was meant to be made in black and white, like the whales. My quilt does not bring whales to mind! Something like Kanawha Valley Memories or West Virginia Hills. My inspiration for this quilt was the greens of the leaves and grass against the blues of the sky. By the way, the pattern for this quilt was by Bonnie K. Hunter on and it was the mystery quilt she started posting at Thanksgiving 2011 and finished the first of January 2012. After a certain amount of time she will remove it from her website and it will be featured in an upcoming book. I started my quilt the same day she started posting the clues and finished mine to flimsy on March 18, 2012. I hope to take it to the long-arm quilter this week or next.

I have some extra pieces made for this quilt and I think they are going to come together as a wallhanging or maybe a tote bag. I did not have any of the yellow string squares but I can make some more. One thing about string blocks, it is easy to make as many as you need. I don't particularly enjoy making string blocks but I love how they look in a quilt.


  1. OMGosh this turned out lovely!! How about Springtime in the Park.

  2. Beautiful quilt! I have mine all pieced too and just decided to use some leftovers for a pillow.

  3. This is my favorite version of this neat quilt! Just love your colors! Congrats.