Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hoarders and new stove

I have been watching Hoarding: Buried Alive on tv. The unifying theme of these people is that they don't clean their houses! Now, I can ignore my messy house for a long time - but not for years! I told Richard when we got married that I am not a housekeeper; that I have many better things to do than clean the house. If he didn't like the job I did he could do it himself. And he has been known to sweep and mop the floors, but not much else. He seldom ever washes any dishes or straightens the living room, but if the ceramic tiles in the bathroom need cleaning he will jump right in there and do it. Anything else he will leave for me. Lately he has been lax about picking up after himself and I have to go behind him and put things in their proper places. Then I get stubborn and let other things go. But I keep trash picked up and the dishes washed. I go ballistic if I think there is a bug in the house, but I can live with cat hairs (for a while!). The litter boxes get cleaned often (very often!) and any cat puke is cleaned up as soon as I see it. I am bad about having too much stuff, especially sewing stuff. It is hard to put things away if there is no where to put it! Flylady says "You can't organize clutter, you can only get rid of it" and I have a lot of clutter. But it is not dirty clutter. I work in a mess in my sewing room because I get things out to use and then I am too busy using those things to put them away. I am going to get the junk out of the garage and use the shelves for bins of sewing things I don't use often, like Christmas fabric. Then I will have room in my sewing area. I still don't promise to put everything away as soon as I get them out! I don't want to be a hoarder.

My stove worked very well but the covers for the buttons had most all fallen off and the LEDs that showed what temperature the oven was on didn't work. I got tired of having to guess. Richard looked for parts for it but they would cost as much as a new stove. Richard and I went to all the appliance stores recently and there was an LG stove that was formerly a floor model at Home Depot they wanted to clear out. It was $711 down from $984. There were no nicks or dents and was perfect! It has a convection oven and a warming cap and is much better than I have ever had before. We put the old stove in the driveway and someone came along and asked for it so I gave it away. I told them the problems I had with it.

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