Saturday, December 29, 2012

Clue 6 and Christmas Pictures

Bonnie Hunter is not putting a linky on her blog about Clue 6 of the mystery quilt this week because she is posting Clue 7 on Monday morning instead.  I have documented each step of this mystery so far so I am doing the same this week.  She had us make 128 double-bricks of the background black-on-white fabrics and 16 5 1/2" squares cut corner to corner twice to make 48 triangles.  Maybe on Monday we will start putting all these parts together!  This was the easiest step of all.  This quilt is called "Easy Street".

 Here are a couple of pictures I took during our family gift exchange.  In the first picture Jason and Adam are talking while Audrey was showing me one of her gifts.   
The second picture shows Richard opening one of his presents while conversing with Jason and Adam.  I got him a set of tools for Christmas.  By the way, the tools were made of chocolate!

All this was done on Christmas Eve.  The next day I made a nice Christmas dinner of a big ham while Richard spent the day at work.  I also made two graham cracker pies - just like my grandmother used to make.  They are work-intensive, so I don't do it very often.

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