Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Addition to the Family!

Meet Opal - my new sewing machine!  This is one of the newest sewing machines that Husqvarna Viking makes.  It is an Opal 650, just came out about a month and a half ago.  I took our floor model machine to the retreat with Bonnie Hunter last month and fell in love.  I wanted this machine to take to retreats and sew-ins and any other time I need a sewing machine so I won't have to take my Husqvarna Viking Designer SE LE.  My SE - Essie - can stay right there in the sewing room and won't get knocked around or dropped or mistreated.  Essie is an embroidery machine and a darn good sewing machine and I want to keep her in good shape.  She is still my go-to machine here at home, but I am taking Opal anywhere else.  Essie and Opal use the same bobbins and the same feet (even the walking foot) so they can share.  They even feel about the same while sewing!  The only thing is that Opal doesn't have the sensor system that raises and lowers the presser foot but that isn't a problem.  I got Opal as an early Christmas present to myself!

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