Sunday, December 23, 2012

Easy Street Mystery Quilt Clue 5 Done

This is a picture of my clue 5 pieces.  I hope I used enough variety in these pieces.  I really love the turquoise and purple together, and I can't wait to see how it all looks together, when we add the green and other pieces to the whole.  I know this will be a beautiful quilt, because all of Bonnie Hunter's designs are georgous.  I am so happy I used Bonnie's colors, except her gray I changed for an orangle/yellow print that is as saturated as the other colors.  Without seeing her quilt (after all, this is a mystery) I think gray would be dull.  At least, the gray I had in my stash was a downer for sure.  I have laid out some of the pieces from all five clues and still have no idea what this quilt will look like.  I understand we now have over half of the quilt made.  I guess I can wait a while longer.

On another note, one reason I am glad Christmas is almost over.  Turtlenecks.  I hate them.  I only wear turtlenecks from Thanksgiving until Christmas each year.  I hate having that fabric directly under my chin.  I always feel like I am strangling to death.  If it wasn't tradition I would give all mine to Goodwill and never look back.  I love my Christmas sweaters and I wish they had a design on them that I could wear all winter.  I also love the Christmas denim jumper I am wearing in the picture.  I bought the jumper at Goodwill a couple of years ago and machine embroidered Santa's sleigh on the bodice and each of the nine reindeer around the hem.  I got the designs from Embroidery Library (  I got the Christmas blouse at Goodwill too.  My friend Diane took that picture at work the other day.  Sorry the picture is on its side but I couldn't see any way to change that. 


  1. I wonder if we will be joining units together this week. So exciting. Merry Christmas.