Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tropical Punch!

I changed the name of my Easy Street quilt, the new mystery by Bonnie Hunter, my favorite quilt designer.  My quilt screams tropical to me, so now I am calling it Tropical Punch.  The green looks like key lime, the yellow/orange makes me think of pineapple.  Even the touches of purple and turquoise make me think of beaches and shells and all the vivid colors of the tropics.  Also, Easy Street may not be the best name for this quilt design because I didn't think it was really so easy.  There are lots of small pieces and lots and lots of sewing!  It seems like every quilt by Bonnie Hunter that I make is my favorite at the time, and this one is no exception.  I do think I will make it again in other colors.  Someone else did it in pastels and showed a picture on her blog and I loved her version.  I have six blocks still to make and then I have to decide on borders.  I am thinking of making more yellow/orange and black-on-white fourpatches and putting them on point all the way around the quilt.  It is nearly king-size so a few borders will make it fit my bed.  There is no reason for me to make queen-size quilts because none of us in the family has a bed that size.  I usually make quilts as designed but I end up with quilts too small.  I hope to finish these blocks tomorrow.  I tried to upload a picture but this blog is not letting me do so.  Maybe once I get it finished I can show a picture.

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