Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Webbing Each Block

Bonnie Hunter released the final clue of her mystery quilt Easy Street yesterday and I jumped right in putting the blocks together.  I was telling my friend Debbie that I was "webbing" each block and I'm not sure she understood what I meant so I took pictures while making this block.  The first picture shows the components all laid out where they will go.  The second picture shows them sewn together in rows.  Each piece is connected with thread to the others.  I press one row up and the next down and so on.  Then I just fold each row against the one beside it and sew.  I press each row according to the block it will go beside, so that the seams will nest.   

I have now sewn an entire row from the top left corner to the bottom right corner.  I add each new block to the others as soon as I get it made.  I am afraid that if I made all of one block and all of the other that I will get mixed up.  This way I think I can keep myself straight.  When I get the next row made it will be added too.  It is also great to see it coming together so quickly.  It was too long to get the whole thing in the picture so I show it on my bed (snicker at my ugly blanket if you want to - it is very warm) and on the floor in the living room.  It is hard taking a picture of a quilt in this house because there is hardly room to show it.

I have set my Wild Child quilt aside until I get Easy Street together.  I am going to have my friend who owns a longarm to quilt Easy Street for me but I am intending to quilt Wild Child myself.  I thought I would make three rows and a middle section of four rows and the bottom section of three rows and quilt each part and then put each section together afterwards.  I have quilted many small quilts but never one this size.  If I don't enjoy putting it together then I won't do it again.  I actually have the top section and half of the middle section made.  I still have quite a few blocks to put together for this quilt. 

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