Sunday, May 22, 2011

The house is so plain!

Of course, it looks like Blogger changed the order I uploaded my pictures again! One shows Richard just starting to take the awning down, another shows it about half down, and the last one shows the house as it looks now. As far as I can remember, the awning had been there since soon after the house was built in 1966. We needed to get the awning down because it was in the way of our new RED metal roof and gutters. The roofing contractor told me yesterday that they may not get here until a week from tomorrow, it all depends on how many rainy days we get between now and then. He said they will be making all the trim pieces this week so it should only take 3 to 4 days to get the new roof on. The new awning is being fabricated already. They said it should take about 4 weeks to get it ready, and then they will install it. I can't wait to get my house all prettied up! Richard will put up the new fence (he put up the old one) and then we can decide what to plant, if it's not too late in the season.

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