Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday storm

Big storm this evening right during drive time! There was quite a bit of hail (bigger than a pea) and then the rain came down and down and down! Right down the street from my house is a low spot and it filled up fast. Cars were splashing thru, not realizing that there was a real problem there. Most vehicles turned around and went the other way to keep from going thru the water. One car drowned out on the other side and had to be pushed up into the parking lot. I enjoyed watching!

Audrey and Jason took Richard and me out to the Golden Corral today for lunch. I ate until I thought I would pop! I love the variety they offer and I can't stop myself from sampling a lot of it. I try to only take a large spoonful of each (mostly vegetables) but I end up leaving a plate half full of food. They had steamed zuchini and squash today and I really enjoyed that. After we ate we went to Pilot Oil for gasoline because the sign on the interstate said it was $4.09 a gallon. Of course, it had gone up to $4.19 buy the time we got there. Audrey and Jason were going there too so I called and told them not to bother. Then we stopped at Adam's apartment and picked up his laundry so I am busy this evening! He had about three loads.

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