Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two Elections

Well, I got thru the two elections, one for governor of West Virginia, and one for mayor of Charleston. I made $225 for the first one, and $245 for the second. I made the extra money for the second election by being Escort to the person who was Supply Commissioner. That means that after the election was closed I rode with Supply to the Kanawha Count Courthouse to drop off the election supplies. Then she dropped me back at my car and I went home. I spent the first election day doing the hand binding on my Connect the Dots quilt. The second election day was spent doing the hand binding on my Note to Self quilt. It was great getting all that done. Now I need to make labels for both quilts and they will be comepletely finished. I also spent time both days talking and eating. We had few voters; there was a light turnout. As far as I know, the next election is in October so I can forget about that for the summer.

Coming up, we are supposed to be getting our new RED metal roof in the next week or two. After that will be the WV shophop in early June. Diane, Debbie and I will be going (hopefully) and Tammy is coming in from the Grand Caymans where she lives (in a town called Hell). It will be great to see her again. We will try to hit 12 quilt shops in 2 days. That's a long way in a short time. As soon as we get back there will be an educator at work, so we will be busy. Later in the month I hope to attend WV Quilters quilt show in Summersville. I love seeing all the quilts and there are many vendors there too. I will have to save some money for that!

The weather is so cold and rainy it feels like winter! I long for summertime when I can sit on the porch and enjoy the fresh air. I have been freeeeeezing the past few days (and nights). I am writing this while wearing a sweatshirt and a pair of flannel pants. The rain can hold up our new roof, because the contractor has to finish the jobs ahead of us. What happened to global warming?????????

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