Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Richard and I visited Floral Hills Cemetary at Sissonville and Cunningham Memorial Cemetary in St. Albans on Saturday. His parents and my Pfost grandparents are at Floral Hills. I didn't take any pictures there. The pictures were both taken at Cunningham. I put the pinwheel on my aunt Audrey's babies grave. They were born in 1948 but neither lived. The headstone closest in the other picture is my aunt Folva's, beside her are my Spencer grandparents. Beside them are my Spencer great-grandparents and above them are my aunts and uncles, along with Audrey's babies. I usually only visit the cemetary once a year in the spring and put flowers on the graves. Mom and Dad were cremated and now reside in my china cabinet. Richard and I have decided to be cremated also and it makes no difference what is done with our ashes.

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