Monday, January 9, 2012

Cheddar Bow Tie Quilt

This is part of my Cheddar Bow Tie Quilt. Bonnie K. Hunter of sort of issued a challenge to make these blocks last July as a leaders and enders project. I used this sort of cheddar dot fabric for the background of all my squares and I am making them the 3-D way. The middle section of the bowties actually sits above the rest of the block. I have now made hundreds of these blocks, mostly at work when I wasn't busy. I am putting together a king-size quilt out of them and I think I am making a twin also. I have used a piece of all my scraps (that I can find - I am sure I have more) and friends are saving their scraps for me too. I love this block!


  1. very cute, love the dots! now get back to work- lol

  2. Very nice, love the dots, makes the bow ties pop. The 3-D is the method I use also.

  3. Lovely! Are you going for now two alike?