Friday, January 13, 2012

A little snow

I wanted a picture of the new roof with snow on it, so I braved the wind and went out and took this picture just now. We got about an inch of snow during the night and the temperature is in the lower 20s. It is definitely too cold to hang around outside! I think the roof looks good with its thin coating of snow; I wonder how it will do with a foot of snow??? We were fortunate in that neither of us has to work today and we can stay inside out of the cold. Richard has to work tomorrow though.

Richard's remote to the garage door opener was stolen out of his car the other night. We didn't miss it until that afternoon. We completely disabled the door so that the remote will not open it at all. Unfortunately, my remote won't work it either. Richard says he can reprogram my remote so that the other one will never work again. I hope he is telling me the truth. Why would anyone steal your remote unless they are planning on getting into your house??? Mine is hidden in the car and when we get Richard a new one it will be hidden too. He had it laying on the console between the seats. We don't use them often because we don't park a car in the garage.

I am really getting somewhere with my Bow-Tie quilt. I have 144 blocks together now. That covers the top of my king-size mattress. I am going to add four more rows down one side and across the bottom and call it finished. I can't wait to take it to Phyllis in Hurricane for quilting. I haven't finished a quilt in some time. I am still working on the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt, but the blocks are not quite ready to put together yet. After seeing pictures of some of the finished quilts I am questioning my color choices. Mine is going to be heavily medium greens with some darker blues and little touches of yellow/golds. I wonder if the little touches will be enough. I am sure I will have to use yellow/golds in my border somehow to tie it all together.

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