Sunday, January 1, 2012

Orca Bay Mystery Quilt - Part 7 (and 8)

Bonnie Hunter posted part 7 on Friday morning and then this morning (Sunday) she posted part 8 - the final part of the quilt. I have slowed way down finishing each part because there is now no urgency to get it done each week. The units in the picture are all I have finished so far. I have the green wing sewn onto the right side of all the rest (and pressed) but I still need to do the left sides. The quilt is going to be gorgeous. Bonnie Hunter's quilt looks like stained glass since she used mostly black and white. I think the greens and blues will be equally spectacular. I am going to keep on plugging on.

Notice the new picture at the top of the blog? That is Sascha. She was on the bed when I wanted to pull the sheets off and wouldn't move, so I just threw them up around her. I finally had to make her get out of there!

Did you get your cabbage today? Mom always cooked cabbage on New Year's Day. She always said you would have money all year if you ate it on NYD. She cooked money into it; I don't do it. I know how unsanitary money is and I can't make myself cook it in. I did not learn how to cook it before Mom died and I have had to figure it out on my own. I think I did a good job - I ate two bowls of it before I quit! Richard took a bite (he hates cabbage) and Audrey came over and got a small bowl of it for her and Jason to eat. In a little bit I am going to have some strawberry shortcake. Yes! The fresh strawberries from Florida have begun to arrive! Richard was called in to work on Friday and found the strawberry van parked out back of the hospital. He got a half flat and I cleaned and sweetened them immediately and baked a pound cake. I had a can of Reddi-Whip in the fridge so - instant strawberry shortcake! I hope to eat strawberries every week until late spring!

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