Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just checking in

I haven't posted in a few days so I thought I would let everyone know that I am still alive and kicking!

I worked today but we weren't very busy. I was able to get twenty or so bow tie blocks made and fourteen rows of four blocks put together. I have the main quilt big enough now to cover my king-size bed but it doesn't hang over the top. I decided to add four rows to one side and the bottom to make it bigger. I would love to get it to the long-arm quilter before the retreat.

Speaking of the retreat, that is Feb. 3 - 5 at Cedar Lakes in Ripley. I am taking my Viking Designer SE sewing machine and enough projects to keep me busy. Debbie and I are making a quilt called Jelly-Ohs made from a jelly roll and some coordinated fabric. We also have a cover to make for our Kitchen-Aid mixers. If I happen to get all that done, I will probably work on my Orca Bay Mystery Quilt, which has stalled the past couple of weeks. I have been looking for my travel iron (I haven't used it since the last retreat) so I have my sewing room turned upside down. On the other hand, I did get my storage wall organized and cleaned. Tomorrow I want to uncover my cutting table and pull everything out from under it. There is a lot of stuff stored down there! Hopefully I will find my iron.

Debbie took this picture of me with her cell phone at the retreat last year. The little iron at the front of the picture is the missing one.

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