Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bonnie's New Mystery Quilt Fabrics

These are the fabrics I have chosen for Bonnie K. Hunter's new Mystery Quilt called Easy Street that she will start on Thanksgiving.  I decided to use the same colors that Bonnie used in hers, except the gray in the back may change.  She just posted the fabrics this morning and I went immediately to my stash and realized that I had a pretty good amount of fabrics in the same colors so that is what I am going to use.  I may add some more purples and I have more white/black prints in my stash.  I just don't like my gray, which Bonnie is using as a constant, not scrappy.  If I can find something I would be happier with I will change, but I bet my gray will work just as well. 

I will be meeting Bonnie herself on Friday.  The weekend retreat with Linda's guild has been moved from Hawk's Nest to Pipestem because Hawk's Nest has no power and has shut down.  Our group was lucky to get in to Pipestem for the weekend.  I think Fayette County where Hawk's Nest is was hit pretty hard by the snow from Monster Storm Sandy.  Here in Charleston we did get some snow on the ground but it rained all day and by the next morning the snow was gone.    We are supposed to have better weather for the next few days.

I have already packed Essie, my sewing machine, into her luggage and have been gathering my sewing notions.  I will be taking too much stuff but who knows how much you need?  I think it would be better to take too much than to wish I had something I left behind.  I'm sure I will forget something. 

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